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To My Sweetie

Hi Sweetie,

I want to share my thoughts on what I have learned and believe helpful in building a fun and abundant life. Many (and by many, I mean most 😊) of life’s lessons, practices, and fundamentals a person should build actions on, were discovered recently on my life's journey.

I am in my 51st year of life and not until my 46th year of life did I start waking up to approaching life with a consciousness of purpose. This awareness instills my consciousness of intention towards being of service to life and to the universe.

My intention is to preserve my thoughts and simply share them with you. From there, I hope you start to build on my ideas and find your own life compass to achieving a fulfilling and abundant life on your terms, and then share your journey along with my journey to family and friends.

Reaching the heights of abundance, and gratitude for your life and all life around us is a direct snapshot of our life’s intention when actioned with awareness of self purpose.

Wanting the best for ourselves and wanting the best for everyone we encounter should always be in our forefront of our actionable intent.

Remember this quote from “Golden Rules Jones of Toledo, which was shared by Wallace D. Wattles in his book The Science of Getting Rich.

” What I want for myself, I want for everybody”.

Discovering your purpose of service to others is a powerful gift to share.


As you are close to finishing high school and before you move forward with your life's journey and build the roots of your life, I am thinking, this is a good time to share this with you.

I hope this acts as a starting roadmap, to building principles for decision-making to allow you build a life of successes.

I had thoughts on sharing this earlier with you, but with you rightfully focused on the joys of high school and teendom, it would have fallen on deaf ears. I know you would listen, but saying inside…” What in the good #$%k is my dad talking about 😊”.


I do hope you reference my thoughts from time to time.

That you take a minute at the start of every day to think about your consciousness of intention towards the day and...

Always remember to live a BOLD life.


It is and will always be my greatest honor to serve and support you.

Sweetie, my love for you is unconditional.

Love, Dad.

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