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The Mission

I created 6Efun as my life healthy approach to creating a conscious-driven habit lifestyle. Based on…

The Energy You Feed In; is the Energy You Get Out.

6Efun is based on 6 E's of interaction based around a structured philosophy.

The MissionEducation and Effort to create a life with fun

The Rules – To figure out, how to feed fun to Everyday Experiences

The RewardEnthusiastic Engagements towards a fun and joyful driven life 

6Efun was created to consider the conditions of our inner world and outer world we each create for ourselves. With the understanding there are two core aspects in managing these worlds, by understanding

Our relationship with Self and our relationship to change.


Healthy relationship is about how we engage with the world around us. It is about the Healthy Me (Conscious Self) and our interaction with the energy of life. A healthy relationship with anyone or anything can only be successful when you have a healthy relationship with yourself.


So everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY…we must express gratitude and give servitude towards a healthy relationship of the self. Being self-aware towards a healthy fun you, will lead you to engage in healthy fun relationships.

 I strongly prescribe to the faith that relationships drive our successes because the energy around us connects us. If you look around and observe that when you express positivity, you will see positivity around you and positivity will return to you. 

Simply, what you put out to the universe you will get equally from the universe.


Education and Effort in finding the fun in Everyday Experiences will lead you to Enthusiastically Engage with Life

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