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Our inner world is based on 4 main states that drive who we are and how we condition those parts whether consciously or unconsciously.  With a 6Efun world, you will develop the tools to always condition your world with consciousness of intent and purpose to lead to a fun and fulfilled life

The question “How am I?” should be asked everyday and better yet a few times in our day. It Is the grounding question to check in with yourself.  Understanding your state of how you are feeling is so key to being consciously aware of your intentions. This question will always center you to the present moment and activate your thinking and emotional states so you can manage your intentions of an event.


Intention is…

The determination to act in a certain way.

As you check in with your conscious self and align your energies in the direction of of your purpose and intentions of outcome, your next steps will always take you in the right direction.


Healthy Me (Consciousness)

everyday pleasantness within you

body wellness bookimage_edited.png

Healthy Body

everyday healthy habits

Woman in Hot Tub

Healthy Mind

everyday energy on how we perceive events


Healthy Emotions

everyday energy of well being

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