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Education and Effort of Everyday Experiences to Enthusiastically Engage with Life

6Efun Healthy Emotions is reaching a state of emotional well being no matter what event occurs around you.

Imagine your emotions as clouds in the sky of your mind. As you observe the clouds you will notice they are different sizes and move at different speeds. Some may be big it may not fell it will ever leave, some fluffy and shaped like beautiful images. When you realize the clouds are always (and we mean ALWAYS) moving you will realize your emotions are always in motion, they are always changing.

No matter how big the cloud, the energy you put behind it will determine how long it will stay around. The reality is, there always be clouds, that is inevitable and actually must be embraced. Imagine you had no emotions EVER, that is not a fun life. As the clouds of your emotion form, no matter how big and dark you are in control with how long it will last. Understanding this, you will realize, your fluffy fun clouds are also in your control and last as long you put the energy towards them.

Grab hold of this one immutable fact. An event that happens does not have any feelings. The feeling and meaning to any event are solely determined by you. Once you take this to heart you will manage the energy of your emotions to any event. The meaning to an event is driven by you the consciousness.

KISS approach to Healthy Emotions – (always being honest with yourself about how you are feeling!)

Resource paths that will help or at minimum take you in a direction that can help you start:

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