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Education and Effort of Everyday Experiences to Enthusiastically Engage with Life
KISS to Healthy Circle

6Efun  Healthy relationship Circle is about managing the two core relationships principles.

  • Relationship of self

  • Relationship to change.

The relationship of self is about how we condition or inner world. The relationship of change is how we condition our outer world. The development of our Healthy Circle is the balance of both.


Starting with the relationship of the self, following that our intimate relationship and then family and friends create our social world and therefore our relationships for a Healthy Circle. When your inner world relationship is pleasant and fulfilling, that will naturally influence and direct the relationships of your outer world. 


This is ultimately about the simple nature of energy. That where the focus of your energy goes, so will go the energy of your actions. So as you consciously condition your inner world to a energy that is gives you pleasantness and purpose that that will be expressed with the decisions and direction you will  consciously make for the design of your outer world.  How much abundance a person wants to achieve from the level of wealth desired, from the nature of their love relationship to the nature of our friendships will be all defined by the energy we put in to them. Remembering that energy is comes from the nature of the energy within us.

Do not enter a relationship ever from a place or want. Meaning you want something from them, or they want something from you. Please understand this very clear message.

Love is about sharing the fullness of your energy and them of their energy.

Love is not about getting something from the other person.

KISS approach to Healthy Circle - (Achieving everyday interactions that are nourishing!)

Resource paths that will help or at minimum take you in a direction that can help you start:

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