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Education and Effort of Everyday Experiences to Enthusiastically Engage with Life
KISS to Healthy ME

A 6Efun Healthy Me is referring to the “person/ soul/ spirit/ the self-awareness” that creates the conditions within them to be in a pleasant state with life.. The ‘Me’, is the consciousness inside the mind and the connection between your thinking and feeling states. You know ‘Me’ who says …

” I feel happy”, “I feel sad”, “I feel hungry”, "The world is wonderful".

You know …You 😊

Healthy Me is is the starting foundation for a 6Efun life. Understanding you the consciousness are solely responsible for your state of being. That you the consciousness are responsible for the 6Efun conditions of your inner and outer worlds must be a fundamental understanding to achieving a fulfilling life.  These are simple to understand concepts but the great challenge to achieving a 6Efun world is the one simple thing...

We do not have control life that happens around us.


Though this may be true, we can control how we interact with life, we do control our thoughts and response to events around us.



We are truly observers to life and as conscious beings,  we need to understand the foundation of our existence is to interact with life and our influence is based on the service we provide to life around us. For the condition of our service to be from a place of growth and positivity. We the person must be in a state of growth and positivity. We are all energy that is part of the universe's  ecosystem so though we do not control what happens around us, be very aware our energy has influence and impact on everything around us.


6Efun KISS approach to HealthyMe. - [Being grateful everyday]

Here is my motto to remind me daily on the habits I am working towards. Create your own or I happily share and give you mine. Review daily/weekly to remind yourself on what habits you are working towards. Connect with inspiring quotes to help you.

Resource paths that will help or at minimum take you in a direction that can help you start:

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