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KISS to Healthy BODY

A 6Efun Healthy Body gives energy that is critical for day-to-day management of life’s events.

A healthy body is very effective at fighting disease and preventing inflammation.

Self care is about diet and managing stress (specifically chronic worry on life). The optimal approach to self care is conscious eating habits and physical and mental activities to minimize/remove worry (negative chatter).

Physical and mental activities are simply the things you like to do that gets you moving and thinking. From gardening, walking, resistance/weight training, time with friends / family, reading, listening to podcasts, sleep and couple friendly time😉

Getting moving is not only about achieving a strong body but just as beneficial for the stress release that physical activity gives.

Active awareness and conscious healthy behavior around food and activities will minimize chronic inflammation in the body that causes so much damage to overall health will give the best opportunity for a healthy body and life.

Just as important is proper sleep. Sleep is the optimal way to heal and reset your body’s stressors and replenish that needed energy to tackle the next day

To put it plainly, an unhealthy body is a distraction to emotional and mental growth. Do not allow sickness due to lack of self-care to become the “loudest” event in your life.

Guiding rules to achieving body health.

  • The food and water  I put in me matters (key to energy)

  • Diet is the main factor to weight management (your eating habit lifestyle)

  • Prioritizing self -care matters (proper sleep and stress management)

  • Keeping active matters to healthy self-maintenance ( being sedentary is a killer!)

6Efun KISS approach to Healthy Body. - [Prioritize self-care through natural whole foods, plenty of water, sleep and physical activity).

Resource paths that will help or at minimum take you in a direction that can help you start:

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