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Education and Effort of Everyday Experiences to Enthusiastically Engage with Life
KISS to Healthy MIND

A 6Efun Healthy Mind is about achieving healthy thoughts that serve your growth, service, and positivity with life. (well at least most of the time 😊)

Now, let’s set a picture. We have thoughts, we have heart functions, we have liver functions, we have kidney functions, we have pancreas functions, we have billions of bacteria in our body, we have mitochondria functions, we have…I hope you are asking why he is mentioning internal functions of the body, when the topic is the mind.

Here is the picture, all of these functions are critical to us being alive and many noted are organs which are just as important as the brain regarding survival.  However, we humans mainly focus on the mind (our brain) day to day and the thoughts from it.  Why is that?

Because it is the noisiest part of our emotional and mental focus.

Connect these statements… If the body is fed poorly, the body health will be unhealthy. This will lead inflammatory issues that harm the body. The same philosophy happens with the mind…If the mind is fed poorly, thoughts will be unhealthy.  This will lead to negative thoughts which will manifest to negative thinking which turn into negative actions.

Our thoughts become noisy because how we feed the mind around everyday experiences. How we feed the mind is based on the unconscious actions of want and desire. Now be very careful with what was just said, it is the unconscious actions of want and desire is the problem. Conscious desire to achieve a goal is a worthy and fulfilling pursuit in life. The unconscious actions of "I want this" but "I don't want that" is what leads to negative thinking which results in negative actions. Michael Singer who is an inspirational spiritual teacher explains it wonderfully in many of his books and audio teachings.

To quote Sadhguru another notable spiritual teacher

“So, it is not that thoughts are a problem. It is what you are thinking about; unpleasant thinking is the problem.”

To engage and develop a state of pleasant thinking, engage in activities that stimulate, engage, and focus the mind …practices in meditation, practices in breathing exercises, physical activities (sports, exercise), social activities (going out with friends/family, visiting a friend/family, entertaining a friend/family), hobbies, sharing thoughts with trusted listeners, journal, learning activities (taking a class, reading, listening to audio book, listening to educational podcasts) are all great Healthy Mind practices.

Another notable Sadhguru quote

“No one ever complains about their thoughts when they are pleasant 😊”.

KISS approach to Healthy Mind. (nourish your mind through continuous learning and engaging activities!)

Resource paths that will help or at minimum take you in a direction that can help you start:

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